Saturday, May 9, 2009

How big is the average penis?

How big is the average penis? Every source I look is different.

The average, flaccid penis length is 3.5 inches - and the average, erect penis is 6 inches. The average penis girth is 4.5 inches in circumference. *However,* most of this information comes from voluntary polling, which may suggest that there is some exaggeration on the part of reporters (about 50% of people with penises express desire for a larger organ!). Also, flaccid penises have a lot more variability than erect penises (apparently, some people call an erection the 'great male equalizer') - so urinals or locker rooms (or other places with public, flaccid penises) is no place for comparison!

Like the perceived number of sexually active peers, most people overestimate the average penis size (in fact, 85% of men, according to one pole, overestimate) - and this can lead to a lot of needless anxiety. Regardless, wherever someone falls along the penis size spectrum, there are so many (more important) factors to what goes on with your penis. It *is* how you use it, not how big it is!

Hope that helps (there is a lot of variation...and we can't find a median or standard deviation for these values...alas.)



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I are trying to have sex for (her) first time and are considering a good deal of difficulty. I don't have a particularly large penis, but she does have a relatively tight vagina. We keep having issues with her tensing up as I begin to penetrate deeper. Is this a sign that perhaps she is not ready yet? Because we'd both like to have sex and it is frustrating for me (and must be infuriating for her) that her body is betraying her. What can we do to help her body relax?


Hi there, hope this reply isn't too late.. We've been pretty bad about monitering this blog recently. For more expedient replies in the future, you might want to blitz the sexperts account directly.

Well the first things to make sure of are that you're going very slowly, making sure there's plenty of lubrication (using some water-based lube would help here), and just making sure it's an intimate environment where you both feel comfortable.

Now, assuming that you've done all those things, it is of course possible that she's just a bit too tight to fit you right now. If that's the case, have no fear! Vaginas are very adaptable, it might just take a bit of work to get her to the right size. One easy way to do this is through fingering. She could start doing this herself, or you could lend you a hand, and with a little bit every few days she should start to fit you better.

For further reading, I'd recommend:
Very good website with lots of information about hetero sex, including some good information on first times

The Guide to Getting it on:
There's a great chapter on first times. This book should be available through library reserves, or if you want to borrow one blitz the sexperts account and we can lend you one. I'd personally recommend just buying a copy used off amazon though. It's pretty inexpensive and it's a really great book.

Hope that helps!