Thursday, January 24, 2008


Dear Sexperts,
Do you have any tips on how to give a guy good hand jobs?

This question is a bit tricky because it is really up to the person and what he likes.
A few general things, we've gathered from our favorite book, the "Guide to it Getting On" (available in the library):
-don't be afraid to have a firm grip!
-dry or lubricated? Honestly, preference-based. Lubricated can give more sensation but dry is less of a set-up/clean-up ordeal
-try to keep your up-and-down motions along the shaft fluid...jerking off may be somewhat of a misnomer
-no need to slow down when ejaculation begins- most men like the action to keep going for a bit longer
-maybe try throwing in a little caressing of the testes, kissing on the mouth, neck, nipples, belly...
-try this all in the shower for something different?
-a tip from Jay Wiseman (ha, apparently really his last name) book about sex tips: "caress the penis and balls for ten seconds with your fingertips, followed by one quick up and down hand stroke. Then caress for ten more seconds, followed by two quick up and down hand strokes. After every ten second period of caressing, increase the stroke total by one." This seems a little complicated- but if you want to spice it up, give it a try!
-don't know how to grab it? "Getting it On" says, "lie parallel to your man and reach across his body as he does when he is masturbating. Ask him to form your fingers around his penis in the same way he does when he's alone and [obviously] thinking about you. The way he holds the penis and where he put his hand on the shaft are more significant factors than you might think"(125)
-are you a visual person? Check out the different grips on this site: