Sunday, April 27, 2008

HPV vaccine?

How do you get the HPV vaccine at Dartmouth, and how much does it cost?

The HPV Vaccine is given in 3 doses, and you can make your first appointment at Dick's House. The second dose is given 8 weeks after first and the final dose should be administered 16 weeks after the 2nd. There is some flexibility in this, so if you're worried about off-terms, etc. you should still make the appointment for your 1st one now and discuss your travel plans with the clinician you see.

If you have the Dartmouth Student Health Insurance and get the shots at Dick's House, the full cost is covered. If you are under 18, the State of New Hampshire will cover the cost. If you are 19 or older, you will be charged $125 for each shot (the hospital is over $200 per shot- eeep), but most private health insurance companies do cover most or all of this- you should contact your insurance company for details on their reimbursement policy (ask whether they'll reimburse your cost if you're at your college's health center) and how to seek reimbursement.

Hope that's informative!

Blogger's Comment on Pubic Hair

"I used to shave all the time when I was younger because I thought that is what guys liked, but one of my boyfriends told me it weirded him out that I shaved because it made me look like a little girl. Also, it was VERY ITCHY just like the sexpert post says, and ingrown hairs were a regular problem. So I stopped, and now all I ever do is shave my bikini line, and trim every now and then if I feel like it. It is a personal choice, so you should do what makes you feel most comfortable and is the most stress free. And guys should respect this choice."

Thanks so much for your contribution! -Sexperts

Friday, April 11, 2008

What's the Deal with Pubic Hair!?

I'm very ashamed to admit this, but I'm really self conscious about my pubic "hairstyle," as it were. Obviously I've realized that most porn actresses have no hair down there, and so probably men "prefer" that. However, I'm not really interested in pleasing men, I'm more interested in looking "normal," aka, doing what most college women do. It seems gross to me to let it all grow out, but when I trim it or shave it I feel slutty. Also it's a hassle to keep it all shaved off. What do most college women, or women in general, do to their pubic hair, and what is hygienic in this regard?

We're so glad you asked this question. It's a very common concern with very little dialogue! Although you probably want a more concrete (and less fluffy) response than this, a person's pubic hair style is honestly a completely personal choice- so to answer what is "normal" is really tough (or impossible). While we haven't done a poll to answer this question, we agree with some text from ""

"Whether a [a person] chooses to shave, trim, or remove pubic hair is ultimately a personal choice. In no way do [individuals] have to shave (or remove) their pubic hair. Shaving in such sensitive areas can lead to razor burn and ingrown hairs. However, some [individuals] choose to shave or use other methods (such as waxing) to remove pubic hair for cosmetic reasons. If a [person] chooses to shave (or remove) [his/her] pubic hair, the amount that is removed is up to [him/her]." source:

As a rather ambiguous response, the key word in the excerpt above is "choice." The "hair" question is probably so common - and kind of embarrassing - because there are SO many mixed message. The adult entertainment industry definitely portrays sexy bodies as hairless bodies. Celebrities like Denise Richards and Gwyneth Paltrow have discussed their salon waxing adventures, and Jessica Simpson has announced that she takes care of her own (but who knows what style) rather than have a stranger see her "wawa," as she put it. Popular culture has also provided for waxing to be featured in Sex and the City" and in many women's magazines. But since most women are neither porn stars nor celebrities, where does that leave us? Albeit disconcerting, it is necessary to acknowledge the pressure felt by those images of mass media which all-too-often dictate pubic beauty standards.

In terms of hygiene, pubic hair DOES serve a purpose, particularly with vaginas. It provides padding (there is a vagina monologue on this) and, significantly, traps germs that can cause irritation or, unfortunately, infection.

Our suggestion: consider trying the different options in stages and then decide for yourself; what do YOU like? Au natural? Shaving only the bikini line? (This is probably what most college women do, but whatever) Trimming? Removing most/all of your pubic hair? If you choose to remove all of your pubic hair, be careful. Waxing can take a certain degree of pain tolerance and shaving with a razor can produce razor burn or ingrown hairs. (not to mention, hair re-growth can be ITCHY!) Also, if you are sexually active, changing your pubic hair style can change the way sexual activity feels- in good or bad ways. Hopefully, by "testing" your different options, you can come to a style that feels right for you. Follow your heart and/or vagina ;) Confidence is probably the largest determinant of sexiness….

Perhaps our lovely fellow-blog readers would share their thoughts?

Monday, April 7, 2008

How do I know if lube is water-based and where can I get some in Hanover?

How do I know if lube is water-based and where can I get some in Hanover?

Water-based lube is an awesome lube choice- because it usually is hypoallergenic and compatible with latex. One other ingredient to inspect in lubricants is glycerin or sugar, which may cause a yeast infection in women (these ingredients are more likely to be in flavored lubicants). Since water-based lubricants can be absorbed by the skin pretty readily, this type of lubricant will likely have to be reapplied (or some saliva added to the mix). CVS usually carries "Astroglide," one of the most popular brands of water-based addition to KY warming liquid (also water-based). The Hanover CVS has a satisfactory array of intimacy products- explore! Besides KY and Astroglide, other water-based lubes should advertise as be safe, you can check the ingredients list; water based lubes usually list "deionized water" as the first ingredient.

Oh, PS, there is 24-hour vending machine (accepting DA$H or cash) in the lower level (aka Basement) of Dick's House that sells AstroGlide, too. It's pretty reasonable- $5.00 for a 2.55oz bottle.

Where can I get more of the Sexperts' flavored condoms?

The flavored condoms that Sexperts distributed at this year's SexFest are the Trustex brand Flavored Condoms and you can order them online (We haven't seen them available at stores in the area). They are available in assorted flavor combinations or if you had a favorite flavor, you can just order that one!

In addition, if your student organization (or dorm/UGA) hasn't already taken advantage of the Health Service's "GREAT CONDOM OFFER*" this academic year, you could order a whole case for 1/2 the price! Dick's House will split the cost with your group. It works like this:

1. Call (646-9427) or email Molly in Health Resources to request your organization or residence cluster’s order.
2. When the order is received, Health Resources will inform you via blitz.
3. Come to Health Resources on the 3rd floor of Dick's House with a check for 1/2 the price of your order.

Regular, lubricated condoms can also be purchased for a really reduced price in the Dick's House Vending Machine, 24 hours/day (Lower/basement Level of Dick's House). The machine accepts cash or Dash (slide your card vertically). Check it out!

Also, if you stop by Health Resources on the 3rd floor of Dick's House, they will share a handful of condoms with you.

Hope that helps!

PS I'll go leave a few flavored ones in the "Sex Room" on 1st Floor Robo :)