Tuesday, October 21, 2008

STIs at Dartmouth?

How common are STIs on the Dartmouth campus? Is there a way to get general statistics on the frequency of certain STIs?

Yes, STIs are common on the Dartmouth campus. However, statistics on how common are not available. This is because not all Dartmouth students use Dick's house as a health provider. We would recommend general statistics available online for STIs on college campus are probably pretty indicative of the Dartmouth campus. STI rates are reported to each state, so you can look up each state's annual rates of new infections. 

Gay Sex at Dartmouth

Q: I know the gay community isn't very expansive here in Hanover, but I thought that college was supposed to be a sexually liberating time. However, I am sexually curious and cannot seem to find anyone to explore with. Are all of the guys taken or are they just hiding?

A: Dear Curious-
While we agree that the gay community of Hanover may not seem overwhelmingly expansive, there are still many organizations that you could look into to meet new people. For example, we can recommend GSX, and you can monitor their bulletin through blitz, or email them directly.

In terms of evening social outlets, there are a number of houses that are particularly open communities and gay friendly spaces. For example Tabard, Sigep, BG, Sigma Nu, Phi Tau, or Panarchy. While there may be other gay friendly houses, there are a few that we've observed from personal experiences.

Also try non-Greek spaces like Amarna or Foley House, or even the DOC.

You can also try the Queer Peers Resource on the DRA website (although it may not have been updated yet for this term...).

Blitz Bulletins to monitor for events or discussions on campus: Dartmouth Rainbow Alliance/LBGT News, Dartmouth LGBT Network (for employees), Gay/Les/Bi/Trans Programming, Gender Sexuality XYZ, Green Lambda - LGBTQA Grad Student Group.

Hope this helps.