Saturday, February 14, 2009


Where can you get spermicide in Hanover?

As you may already know, spermicide helps to immobilize sperm and/or block the cervix. It does have its benefits (i.e. relatively cheap, available without a prescription, can be used like a lube).

You can purchase spermicides at CVS in Hanover. They have spermicide gels and spermicide films. The gel is usually inserted into the vagina (sometimes with an applicator) or can be rubbed over the penis. It is also used with diaphragms, cervical caps or condoms. The film is folded and inserted into the vagina. After about 15 minutes, it should dissolve on the cervix.

Before you use spermicide, you should be aware of some of the downsides. Spermicide can cause an allergic reaction (usually from a main ingredient called "nonoxynol-9 (N9)") that is not only irritable to you or your partner but can also cause abrasions that *increase* the risk of STI transmission! Women also report higher rates of UTIs (urinary tract infections), and when used alone, spermicides are *not* very effective.

Condoms have proven to be much more effective overall, and while some argue that combined use of spermicides and condoms increase overall birth control efficacy (because spermicides offer no STI safety), there is some concern that spermicides actually degrade the quality of condoms. There are many people who use spermicides quite happily -and you very well may be among them- but it is best to be informed and use it with caution!

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