Friday, January 9, 2009

How should I submit questions to you guys/gals?

How do I anonymously submit a question to the Sexperts Blog!?

So, we haven't quite figured out an easier way to do this yet- but here's the how-to (as of now)

Click on "comments," directly below the header of this post (or any post for that matter). Fill in the comment box and choose the option of "anonymous" (unless you'd like to choose otherwise). The text you add to the comment box will be sent to the Sexperts blitz account. It will *not* immediately be posted (but we'll get it in our blitz box!). We will approve comments we find appropriate, and post the answers promptly!!


Anonymous said...

Where can you get spermicide in Hanover?

Anonymous said...

Are birth control pills bad for you? I recently got engaged in sexual activity and am really scared about getting pregnant. I heard you can still get pregnant even if you use a condom.

Anonymous said...

Is better/more effective for both male and female to use a condom, or will the use of one alone work?

Also, lubricant...what exactly does it do? Is it bad to use with a condom?

Is there a brand of condoms that's most effective?

Anonymous said...


what's your opinion on the enhanced risk of TGA (Transitory Global Amnesia) and the potentially detrimental effect of sexual activity on cerebral synapses and the brain's ability to create and maintain neurons as indicated by several studies?


Hey all,

Sorry for the late reply. We've been pretty bad at keeping up with this blog. For more expedient replies, I'd recommend blitzing the sexperts account directly.

For Spermicide in Hanover:
If they don't have it at CVS, I would recommend blitzing Kari Jo Grant at Dick's house. I'm pretty sure Dick's house carries it, and if anyone would know it would be her.

On Birth Control Pills:
Birth control pills are not bad for you (in fact, they can have some positive effects, such as clearing up acne and regulating your period). There can be side effects, such as mood swings, but generally any side effects can be cleared up by switching to a different pill, recommended by your doctor.
Whenever engaging in sexual activity there is some risk, but condoms are very effective if used right.
When using a condom, check the expiration date and make sure the packaging is not damaged in any way, then gently tear the side of the packaging open with your fingers. If you do this every time, there is a very slim chance of the condom breaking. In the event that it does, there is backup birth control available at dicks house (plan B). Condoms are surprisingly durable though, so I don't think you should be worried :)

On Condoms & lube:
Important: Never use more than one condom at once! They will rub against one another and tear.
Statistically, male condoms are more effective than female condoms, but if used correctly either should do the trick.
Lubricant (or lube) simply makes everything slide better, so there's less friction. Condoms come lubricated, and adding extra lube is definitely recommended! We recommend water-based lubricant, but silicone-based is good too (though it is a bit harder to clean up). In a pinch though, saliva will work great. The only thing that's not compatible with condoms are oil-based products, such as moisturizers (they will actually dissolve the latex and break the condom!).
Not really, anything latex (or polyisoprene if you're allergic to latex) will work great.

For more info on all of these subjects: is one great site for hetero sex. It's got info on condoms, the pill, and other birth control, as well as sex positions & much more.

"The Guide to Getting it on" Is a great book which has good, down-to-earth info on all of these things. You can get it used on amazon pretty cheap, and most sexperts have a copy if you want to borrow one.

I would also recommend blitzing a sexpert directly, and maybe setting up a time to talk. If you check the sexperts blitz bulletin, there are the names of and blurbs about all the active sexperts this term. Check it out!